*IMPORANT: At End of Your Set, Come Off the Front of the Stage & Lead People to Your Merch Table!!!

After you are done playing your last song, your SINGER MUST walk off the front of the stage, through the crowd and walk to the merch table. If you see people you already met before your show tell them to come back with you! THIS IS VITAL! You literally have a 15 minute window after your set where people are much more likely to buy your CD’s and other merch and get on your Mailing List. If you miss this 15 minute window right after your last song it will be MUCH harder to make CD sales to people. Not to mention people who enjoyed your performance will WANT to meet and talk with you! The other Band Members and your friends/roadies can pack up the lead singer’s gear if they have any--the FOCUS as soon as that last note is played for the lead singer MUST be on coming off the front of the stage and leading people to the merch table so that they can Connect with the NEW FANS, get them on the Mailing List, and sell them CD’s.

Note: The lead singer should announce BEFORE the last song that as soon as the song is over he is going to come right off the stage and head back to the merch table--and encourage the audience to come say hi, hang out, and check out the Merch. Another great way to get a crowd at the table is to tell people they get a FREE sticker, button, or 1 song sampler if they come back to say hi. This way when the song is over people will be expecting you to come off the front of the stage and will be ready to follow you back to your table!

For the most part, IGNORE your existing fans during the first 15 minutes after your set! Explain to them that you have to talk to new fans first, and then you’ll come hang out with them--they will understand! You CANNOT spend this window of opportunity on existing fans, you must focus on the people who just saw you for the first time! You must make these new people a fan and get them on your Mailing List if they aren’t already. If the person already signed up on your Mailing List before you played, then now is the time to get that card from them and give them their FREE sticker, button, or 1 song sampler--as well as talk with them a bit and further connect with them if you can.

Coming off the front of the stage breaks the barrier between your band and the audience so that you can easily meet and talk with them, as well as clearly show people where your merch table is and where they can meet and talk with your singer. AS SOON as the rest of the band gets their gear off stage they should come and join the singer at the merch table and talk and meet with fans.